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Just to thank you for helping with the smooth transition of Mum in to Residential Aged Care. The family are thrilled to see Mum so happy in her new surroundings. Berenice, thanks for your professionalism, understanding & patience.

Kind regards,



Hi Berenice,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you provided. Your kind manner is reassuring and your knowledge and insight of the industry is excellent. You made a difficult job much less stressful. I would be pleased to  recommend you to anyone who requires a placement service.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Kind regards Graeme (2012)


Hi Berenice,

Thank you so much for all your help and by the way, I have been giving your details to a few interested people, as you made the process so much easier.  

Very best regards 



Hi Berenice,

I would really like to put on record that we are so happy that we assigned you to get a placement for my Mother. From the time of my first call to you I was amazed at how quickly you acted. You were so kind, professional and understanding. From that time I knew that you would do your best to help us and you did. Just within a week you managed to get a placement for my Mother and for that we are very grateful. Your follow up service to get feedback on my Mother's progress is much appreciated.

I would recommend your services to anyone that may need your help.

Warm regards,

Nilanthi (2013)


“ I was faced with the daunting task of helping a ninety two year old family friend to find a suitable aged care residence in Queensland.

The task was made even more difficult  as I live in Sydney.

From the moment I contacted Berenice I felt confident that I had made the right decision. Her expertise and compassion were immediately evident.

During the next few weeks Berenice coordinated the entire move. From the paperwork to finding a suitable placement, she managed it all.

I was always kept up to date and slept soundly knowing that I did the best by my friend by employing a true expert.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and doubt I could have achieved it myself, even if I was in Queensland.

Many thank again Berenice” cheers Victor (2013)


Hi Berenice,

Your service was good and quick, all questions answered & well worth the fee, regards Zoe (May 2014)


Berenice, Your services were just what we needed. It took such a load off my mind to have you do all the groundwork for us so quickly and efficiently. It is a stressful enough time without having to wade through & try to comprehend all the ins & outs of aged care, so I can't speak highly enough of the help you provided.....Robyn


I'm very pleased to recommend Berenice Wadham to anyone going through the complex and harrowing process of placing a family member or a loved one in residential care. While my sister and I had been working on the situation for months, Berenice quickly found & arranged an excellent placement for my mother in a low care hostel that met all our criteria. Her good industry knowledge was critical to achieving this. She knew the available options & their important characteristics, as well as how to deal with barriers to progress, which frustrated us as lay people. Mum has been in her new accommodation for about a month now. She is settling well, and generally likes being there despite huge misgivings. I also like the place and enjoy visiting her and getting to know the staff and other residents. Berenice achieved this great outcome with empathy, efficiency and great communication at all times. It was a pleasure to work with well spent! Jan Tilden (2014)


Hi Berenice,

Mum has settled well into her new home, the staff are lovely...All this good news would not have been possible without your expertise and experience which you delivered in such a reassuring way. On behalf of all our family, thank you Berenice - we have already recommended your services to our friends in the same circumstance....Val, Hilary & family (2013)


Hi Berenice,

Your knowledge with the industry helped our family immensely and if not for that we would still be chasing our tails, so thank you so much once again from the bottom of our hearts.

(The Rhodes family 2013)


" Thanks very much for your guidance with the process. It was invaluable. Once all of the questions/reservations were answered, it all moved surprisingly quickly & smoothly!" (Bill 2014)

"Hi Berenice,

Thank you for your advice & understanding during this very stressful time. We would recommend your services to anyone looking for help through the maze of placement for a family member. (Ros 7/4/14)

Forced with the need to place our mother into aged care, we found the whole aged care arena to be quite complex. After discussions with us, and taking my mother's aged care assessment requirements into consideration, Berenice came up with a short list of aged care facilities for us to inspect, along with further guidance of what to look for when actually at the facility. She then made the applications to the facility on our behalf. When we received an offer of a place, Berenice further assisted right through the acceptance of the offer, including further negotiations with the facility, until mum actually took up residence in her aged care suite. She demystified the whole process for us & assisted us every step of the way. The assistance provided by Berenice was invaluable & I would recommend her service to anyone faced with the prospect of placing a loved one into aged care. - Heather Smith (2014)

Hi Berenice,

I write to thank you for your assistance & support in obtaining a placement for Mum. I appreciate that you were always available to answer my queries, & it was reassuring to know that help was just a phone call away. Mum is settling into her new home much better than I expected - Lesley (2014)

Dear Berenice,

I would like to thank you for all of your efforts in helping us secure suitable residential aged care for Dad.  He is settling in surprisingly well, & although getting used to living in a nursing home will take time & adjustment, he's being quite pragmatic about it & seems to be actually enjoying himself. It's a shame that in the end, the decision to move was made for him but I'm happy with the facility because I think it will suit him well. I would never have looked at this facility if you hadn't recommended it, & that proves what a wonderful job you have done.

It's been a long drawn out process that's been frustrating & upsetting for us all - including you- & I would like to thank you for your continued kindness & understanding throughout this difficult time. Thank you also for putting up with my roller coaster of emotions & my dummy spits. I'm sorry that at times I took my frustrations & distress out on you, so thankyou for being so kind & professional throughout all of that.

Thank you again for the wonderful job you have done in supporting & guiding us through the maze that is called aged care. We have an excellent result that is totally due to your efforts. - Christine  2014