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Quite often, the applicant is a patient within the hospital system. There is a certain expectation from the hospital that you are being pro-active in seeking appropriate care for your loved one. You will often be given a time frame in which the patient is to be discharged. The reason for this is that the hospitals are required to discharge patients who no longer require 'acute care'. Many people become distressed when faced with this situation. I can assist you in urgently placing the applicant into a nursing home bed, either for permanent care or respite care pending a permanent vacancy which should reduce your stress level, especially if you are a full time employee & have limited time available.

During the holiday period, we often have contact with family members whom we haven't seen for some time. It can be at this time that we notice that the person is not really coping in their current situation. Sometimes, it helps to have a chat with a professional for some guidance in this situation. I am happy to offer you some suggestions & support if required......please contact me