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My career in aged care began as a personal carer where I experienced at first hand the needs of residents and their families, and the wide variety of individual circumstances.

I have many years of practical experience as an admissions officer in the aged care sector, helping people to understand their options for suitable accommodation appropriate to the individual's care needs. 

I have managed the aged care placement process for many families, and understand the industry, and how to work through the bureaucracy smoothly.

I have placed both of my own parents in a nursing home, and have personally experienced the stress and emotional upheaval, which can be overwhelming during this time. Not only are you distressed that the person cannot return to the family home, but the complexities of the documentation, finances and accommodation choices all add to the strain.

Most people are unaware of the many processes involved in admission to a nursing home until their personal crisis occurs.

You can trust me to coordinate the admission on your behalf and provide you with the information to enable you to make an informed decision.

My commitment to you is to guide you through this difficult time, easing the stress involved and ensuring the best outcome for the applicant.

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